How does your garden grow?


Every word is true

New Zealand

Lately I have been finding myself with an extreme longing for New Zealand. I don’t know why. I think it is the fact that it is so far away, one actual fear that I have is that I’m never going to find an opportunity to go back. I miss the free spirited life and the beautiful nature. Maybe it’s just the thought of being far far away from worries and routines.. Idk.


This cold that started exactly a week ago just doesn’t want to leave my body. It sucks because I had finally started to feel like my mind was on the same level as my body and working out was easier than ever. But nope, now I haven’t been able to go to the gym in a week and it sucks.

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I think we seek out people who we hope will fix what our childhood broke.

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Off the shoulder of Orion, Mikko Lagerstedt

Long weekend ahead,

So my dad happens to come by the city for the weekend. For anyone who didn’t know already, we happen to not get along so well (or not at all). So, I guess this is gonna be a long one, filled with headaches and anxiety.

Today I prepped myself by taking a long run, 6miles. So hopefully I won’t have that much energy left over to argue during our dinner. Gonna meet up with him in about an hour and I’m hoping for the best.


I am Not a Gamer

  • (The guy playing video games with his friends)
  • Him: Do you guys want me to drop the third (third degree) right here?
  • Him: Yeah, I'm dropping it right here.
  • Me: If you're going to drop a turd I'd prefer you doing it in the toilet.
  • Him: *Facepalm*
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