Long weekend ahead,

So my dad happens to come by the city for the weekend. For anyone who didn’t know already, we happen to not get along so well (or not at all). So, I guess this is gonna be a long one, filled with headaches and anxiety.

Today I prepped myself by taking a long run, 6miles. So hopefully I won’t have that much energy left over to argue during our dinner. Gonna meet up with him in about an hour and I’m hoping for the best.


I am Not a Gamer

  • (The guy playing video games with his friends)
  • Him: Do you guys want me to drop the third (third degree) right here?
  • Him: Yeah, I'm dropping it right here.
  • Me: If you're going to drop a turd I'd prefer you doing it in the toilet.
  • Him: *Facepalm*
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People suck,

Did everyone have a terrible day today and just decided to take it all out on me as a big conspiracy? Today I have gotten yelled at four times by different people for things that were totally out of my control. Please, if you’re having a bad day, DO NOT think it is okay to be a dick head to others. Keep that shit to yourself and act like a grown up.

The world vs. Ida, 1-0.

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Reality Check,

Made me realize that no matter how much things suck here at times I am not nearly ready to leave. Not at all.



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Take it with you

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Not bad,

Had a pretty good day, mostly because of the gym. Started the morning with an hour at the Merc. Then shopping and then workout one which was cardio. Then off to see my therapist and then home and then gym again to lift. There is nothing right now that can treats my anxiety as well as the gym.

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No matter how old I get this band is forever going to be the one that saved me. The guys always remind me of the fact that no matter what you go through everything is going to be fine eventually.

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I love sleep because it’s like a time machine to breakfast


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